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Systems Audit

Are your existing Information Systems functioning per your requirements and meeting acceptable standards?


Cyber Security

From PenTesting, Vulnerability Assessment to Remediation Management – we avail RAPID7’s cutting edge technologies and resources to make sure your business is protected from Cyber Attacks.


Safety & Security Systems

From video surveillance, controlled access to fire detection and suppression, we design, install and maintain systems that keep you sage and secure – at home and in the office.


Tape Transcription

Bit-to-Bit Duplication, QC and MD5 validation, EBCDIC header and trace processing reports as well as seismic and well data conversion.


Data Visualization

We create powerful visuals from complex data – helping you understand your business and communicate key messages to your audience with clarity. 


Custom Solutions

We build solutions that answer your need and business pain point. A supermarket and loosing money? We integrate your PoS, CCTV and stock management system to provide you real-time alerts of fraudulent behavior.


Digital Marketing

We augment insights from user behavior with technology to build customer experiences that are relevant for the market you operate.


Environmental Monitoring

Monitor the health of your mission-critical infrastructure in your data centers in real-time through AVTECH’s RoomAlert technology.


Media Monitoring

360deg automated media monitoring services covering international, national & sub-national TVs, Radios, Newspapers and social media etc. Whether you are looking for insights and analysis on current trends and issues or monitoring a campaign .

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