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Cyber Security

We make it our business to help you identify your systems’ vulnerabilities, determine their impact to business – helping you focus on what matters most, verify the impact with real-world attacks and set your IT team on a focused remediation course.

Vulnerability Assessment , Penetration Testing, Incident Investigation & Response

Data Science


From understanding your consumers’ behavior to building customer experiences that lead to conversions – BasixData services leverages its 16+ years of combined  experience and expertise in Data Science and IoT to deliver insights and answers to your business pain points.

Capture , Process, Analyze, Visualize


Digital Marketing

Baseline Analysis of your brand/product’s online presence

Audience & Medium Mapping

Digital Marketing Strategy

Customer Experience design and development



Issues & Trends

Media Monitoring

Track your business’s key issues against trends in conversations on digital and traditional media locally and internationally. Monitor your marketing campaign across all your distribution channels. Get data-driven analysis and insights in our daily reports at the click of a button.

Secure your Business

Safety & Security System

From CCVT, Access Control, Fire Detection and Suppression, Perimeter monitoring (Infrared, microwave and seismic), Intruder detection to Environmental monitoring for data Centers. BasixTech delivers Integrated safety & security systems with real-time monitoring and alert fit for your business.

Hikvision , Honeywell, AVTECH, GST, GEKKO, FM200

Exploration Data

Tape Transcription

Bit-to-Bit Duplication

QC and Validation – MD5 algorith for file comparison

Seismic Data conversion: SEG-A, SEG-B, SEG-D, SEG-Y

Well Data conversion: LIS, LAS, DLIS, LISTIF, BIT

Navigation Data conversion: EBCIDC, ASCII

Tape Technology: IBM 3590, 3592, LTO Ultrium

Duplication , Quality Control, Conversion,

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