Borehole drilling and Geological Surveying

Sub-surface Geological Survey

Geo-physical investigation for groundwater potential aquifers producing zones using electrical resistivity and vertical electrical sounding.


Our drilling equipment includes a Driltech D25K truck mounted RC rig, PAT Drill 301, XY1, XY2 and XY4 rigs. We drill to a depth of up to 300m in all terrain. We have drilled over 550 wells over the past 4 years with Zero days of downtime across in Tanzania and Malawi.

Logging Services

We provide water well logging services such as Gamma Ray for depth correlation, Caliper for well dimensions, Camera for imaging, Gyro for well deviation and azimuth and Sonic for well integrity.

Pump and Water Quality Testing

We supply and install both mechanical and electrical submersible pumps, provide pump test as well as water quality testing services.

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